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gum disease

Gum Disease Therapy – Fairhope, AL

Save Your Smile with Periodontal Therapy

Besides your teeth, your gums are equally important for a healthy smile. The biggest threat to their health involves a preventable infection called periodontal (gum) disease. Bacteria found in plaque and tartar accumulations cause the tissue to become infected, which can destroy the supporting structures of your teeth if it is not treated quickly. Dr. Drew Knight can save your smile with gum disease therapy in Fairhope. He creates the tailored solution you need to stop the devastation of the infection.

What is Gum Disease?

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Although it is preventable, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates at least 50% of adults have a form of it. When tartar and plaque infect the gum tissue, it causes it to become red, inflamed, and bleed. In its earliest stage, called gingivitis, it is easily treatable without causing any long-term damage.

You may notice several changes to your oral health as the infection develops, such as:

  • Red, swollen, or bleeding gums.
  • Tooth sensitivity or pain.
  • Gum recession.
  • Chronic bad breath.
  • Loose teeth.
  • Pus near the roots of the teeth.

If the infection progresses in severity, it destroys the supporting structures of your teeth, which can lead to tooth loss. The bacteria can also enter your bloodstream, causing inflammation throughout your body. This can lead to several adverse health issues, like cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetic complications.

Treating Gum Disease

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Your dentist in Fairhope, Dr. Knight, can stop the infection in its tracks with a customized treatment plan. He performs a comprehensive examination to assess your gum health. Based on the results of the exam, he may recommend one or more treatments, which can include:

  • Scaling and Root Planing: Special dental tools are used to remove plaque and tartar from the gingival pockets. After the accumulations are removed, the roots are smoothed to allow the tissue to adhere to the teeth to seal out future infection. It may take more than one appointment to complete the cleaning.
  • Antibiotic Therapy: Prescribed medications are used to kill bacteria to restore your gum health.
  • Periodontal Maintenance: To prevent the infection from reoccurring, Dr. Knight may recommend more frequent checkups and cleanings to monitor your gum health. Often, they are needed every 3 to 4 months until your gum health is restored.

Preventing Gum Disease

You can help to maintain your gum health with a proactive approach at home. It is best to:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each session using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a tartar control toothpaste.
  • Use an ADA-approved dental floss to clean in between each tooth and around the gum line daily.
  • Use an antibacterial or antimicrobial mouthrinse to kill harmful bacteria.
  • Do not use tobacco or drink alcohol in excess.
  • Visit your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and checkup.

Restore a Healthy Smile Today!

Do not let the effects of gum disease hurt your oral and general health. Dr. Knight has the solutions you need to restore a healthy smile. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for periodontal disease therapy.