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How to Maximize Your Dental Benefits with a Dentist in Fairhope

November 3, 2018

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Dental insurance paper.Do you have dental insurance? It may come as a shock, but billions of dollars in dental benefits are wasted each year. Most insurance plans don’t let benefits rollover into the next year, so many people reach January 1st with unused dental dollars that are gone forever. Read on to discover how to get the most out of your insurance, and why you should always use your benefits before the end of the year with your dentist in Fairhope.

Get the Most Out of Your Yearly Maximum

Your yearly maximum is the most your insurance is willing to pay for dental work during the year. If you don’t reach your annual maximum, those dollars are gone forever on January 1st. Most maximums average around $1,000, and only 2.8% of Americans reach or exceed them. The key is knowing your maximum and utilizing it before the end of the year because this money won’t rollover.

Keep Your Deductible in Mind

Your deductible is the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket before your insurance will pay for any dental work. The average deductible is around $50 a year, but you might have to pay more if you see an out-of-network dentist. Keep in mind that your deductible is only a fraction of what the cost would be without insurance, and that it also restarts on January 1st.

Make Your Premiums Worth It

Do you pay premiums out of every paycheck? If you’re not seeing your dentist regularly, you’re wasting money. Even if you don’t have any dental issues, regular appointments with your dentist will help prevent and detect early signs of gum disease, cavities, oral cancer, and visits to the emergency dentist in Fairhope. Using your benefits before the year ends will keep your mouth healthy, but it’ll also make those premiums you’ve been paying worthwhile.

Stay on Top of Your Oral Health

Avoiding the dentist not only means your benefits are going to waste, but you’re also putting yourself at risk for more extensive and expensive treatments in the future. For example, bleeding gums when you floss could turn into gum disease, or you may have tooth decay without knowing it. If more serious issues can be avoided, you’ll be paying a lot less out of pocket, while still receiving expert checkups and cleanings. These routine dental visits are typically covered 100% by most insurance plans.

If you reach the end of the year and you’ve already had your biannual checkups with dental benefits leftover, talk to your cosmetic dentist in Fairhope about any smile beautifying treatments they may recommend. Teeth whitening is always a popular service that patients elect to use some of their benefits. Just check with your insurance to make sure it’s at least partially covered.

Now that you know how to make the most out of your dental insurance, do you have an appointment scheduled before the end of the year? Contact your local dentist to use your benefits while you still can!

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Drew Knight is an Alabama native who enjoys caring for patients in his surrounding community. His practice welcomes almost all types of dental insurance plans, and his friendly team can help you get the most out of your benefits. He currently practices at Fairhope Modern Dental, and he can be contacted through his website or by phone at (251) 928-0400 for any questions.

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